– Projector function present pdf ebook content with fast speed, no watermark with beautiful 3D effect.
– Access this function by purchasing limited products (just $3.9/month), creating an account during checkout, cancel anytime at (vnafood.com) My-account > Subscription.
– Please preview the sample page (demo) inside each product.

These are 4 Download packages: The package only limit valid time, no limit quantity. You can buy product connect with Membership to access download page, require login as a member.
Works fine when you are logged in as a member
Have to memorize account information (user name, password)
Have to redirect to intermediary website (vnafood.com) to login successfully

Step 1: You should download some sample file as ebook, mp3 track… acquainted to how it works. All downloadable documents are listed on the catalog page here to help you preview the contents (pdf, audio tract..)

Step 2: Please select 1 of 4 products corresponding to the 4 download deadline
Access online 6Months Product Download – $41
Access online 3Months Product Download – $27
Access online 1Month Product Download – $17
Access online 1Week Product Download – $9

Step 3: Make a payment by card brands: Visa, Master, American Express, Discover & Diners, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), China UnionPay (CUP) via 2Checkout gateway or Bitcoin. After successful payment, Download link ebook pdf, audio will appear in 2 locations: single product page and My account page as image below.


Frequently Asked Questions


With Membership modes (Membership options). Always ask to register a account first, then log in to pay for member upgrade automatically.
The access has quantity limit of IP addresses. If the limit is reached, your own access may be suspended for 30 minutes. Don’t share it.
Yes. When you use real email to sign up for an account, that email will receive a confirmation when the account upgrade is successful. In addition, when you need support from the admin, it is easy to determine the status of your account.
You can send a message at the Contact page, if you are already a paid member, log in to contact us via a separate form for paid members (also at the contact page)
Firstly, remember to write down the password and paste right next to the screen to avoid forgetting errors, typing wrong (repeated wrong entries will be locked within 15 minutes)
If you’ve forgotten your password, send a password request to our receive payment email (nl*******ung@yahoo.com). Required information is: username and email. Administrators will only re-issue password to paid member (please enter your correct registered email)
Normally the system will automatically upgrade members, but there are probabilities of error. If you have successful payment and you are still logged in as a free member after 10 minutes, the best way is to send an email to the receive payment email (nl*******ung@yahoo.com) included information: transaction ID, username, email. The administrator will upgrade your account as soon as possible.
Forgive if this is the rare case!
Both Chrome and FireFox browsers have developer tool: Ignore X-Frame-Options. If you are using one of the two browsers above and you get error when registration and login, try adding this gadget to the browser:
Addition, change browser to Microsoft Edge or Opera also is good choice
In other case: The refused to connect error may due to the wrong password, you need to wait for 30 minutes and then log back in


No, e-book file isn’t stamped (no watermark) and can be printable after being downloaded
Before logging in and paying for membership upgrades, you need to know that there are a lot of documents you can download or use online (which is what you see / hear when you are not a member). Please use the search feature when downloading as well as browsing the site to get the most results.
However, there are no available guarantees for all that you are looking for. So please consider carefully before making payment so you don’t have to complain later.
The following note should be emphasized: The above resources are classified into 3 functional groups:
1-Online (Use online); 2-Download (Downloadable) and 3-Projector (use online but with clean content, no stamp, no watermark)
Because these 3 functional subgroups are independent, it is impossible to guarantee the same data in all 3 groups at the same time. The update speed is different so the number will increase but not evenly.
If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please send an administrator support request, for instructions on how to search or update manually on a specific request.


We support two Payment gates here: PayPal and Stripe
-All transactions are settled in a way that buyer receive his/her links, encrypt links via automatically email or his/her membership is upgraded automatically. If this automatic process doesn’t work, we will refund.
-On the contrary, if any disputes has been opened on purpose in Paypal/Stripe will cause only a permanently ban for the user and, of course, shut down of all the keys and the products that are purchased. The ban is permanently which prevents the user from buying any products in the future. We will ban your account!