Download and Projector functions is running well on FirefoxMicrosoft Edge and Opera browser

(unstably working on Chrome)

Teacher and pupil after logged in can use projector on his/her class with special access into e-book pdf with clean page, no watermark and full screen. These packages access with difference period time:

1 month - $2.90

3 months - $5.50

6 months - $9.00

1 year - $15.00

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Projector function only procees inside this Projector Page. 

Preview projector feature demo here

Have an account with access permission for all data help teacher/pupil can direct access include e-books, audio files, movie clip files. Requires register free member before upgrade, download permission will be provide at icon near file name. There are 4 packages:

$9.00 for 7 days Access/download

$17.0 for 1 month Access/download

$27.0 for 3 months Access/download

$41.0 for 6 months Access/download

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Direct Access/Download function only procees inside this Page