Speak Now 3 Unit 8 Lesson 29 – 32 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 8 Lesson 29 – 32 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 8 VIDEO Scripts

Jill:         I can’t believe you’re moving out!
Maria:   It seems like we met just yesterday!
Eric:       I know. But hey, we will definitely see each other.
Maria:   Hopefully, I get a job around here too.
Tom:      Of course you will!
Jill:         Eric, why are you throwing that glass bottle away?
Eric:       What? I don’t need it. I prefer plastic bottles anyway.
Maria:   Plastic breaks down extremely slowly.
Jill:         Yeah. Keep it. You can use it later.
Eric:       OK. That’s a really good idea.
Tom:      Do you guys think laptops will exist in twenty years?
Maria:   No, people won’t use laptops because there will be large computer screens that look like TVs everywhere! People will be able to use the computers anytime they want, so they won’t need their own!
Eric:       Wow. That sounds cool. Have you guys thought about what life will be like in the future? Maybe, cars will finally fly!
Jill:         I think cars will run from energy in plants.
Tom:      Twenty years from now, I think things will be just as they are now.
Maria:   Maybe, but things can’t be exactly the same. Things are changing so quickly these days.
Tom:      That is true… Hey Eric. What should I do with the stuff inside your desk?
Eric:       I plan to clean my desk later.
Tom:      OK.
Maria:   What are all your goals in twenty years?
Tom:      I want to have a family and have a really cool job where I travel around a lot.
Eric:       I hope I’ve found the cure for cancer.
Maria:   I want to have my own place and be financially independent.
Jill:         I want to have my own website with millions of visitors.
Eric:       What if they don’t have websites in twenty years?
Maria:   It might be something else!
Jill:         Maybe, one of us will think of something better!
Maria:   You guys want to get coffee?
Eric/Jill:         Sounds good! OK!
Tom:      Yes, before coffee becomes a thing of the past!